Independence. Autonomy. Restoration.

Experience life ​beyond four ​walls.

Empowering completion of your ​everyday activities of daily living.


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I never could imagine losing my mobility and being able to do things that are considered normal Living a life in confinement should never be a thing
Darsha Ham CEO of Melx World

Our Story

In hospital halls, CEO, Darsha Ham, witnessed the struggles of patients with mobility issues, igniting a mission. With a nursing background and a tech passion, she founded Melx World.

Inspired by her patients' resilience, she envisioned an XR platform for those with accessibility challenges. With the help of a great team, we built a platform that enables your everyday brands to create accessibility focused experiences. The goal is to give all people the opportunity to experience life beyond four walls.

Melx World will serve those who many have caste off. We want you to join our journey in pursuit of a better world.

Accessibility Challenges

In a world where others ignore the needs of our disabled brothers and sisters, we create spaces where your quality of life can improve. With the help of technology, our belief is that we can give you the ability to do either the things you once did on your own or the things you dreamed you could do on your own.

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Our mission and vision

We are committed to fostering inclusivity, ​independence, and global connectivity, creating a ​transformative platform that transcends physical ​barriers and enriches lives. Our vision is to build a ​global community where everyone, regardless of ​mobility challenges, can explore, engage, and connect ​seamlessly in a world designed for diverse needs and ​preferences.

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Our work so far

Currently, our CEO is spearheading partnerships with rehabilitation facilities to establish study groups for testing our technology. Concurrently, we are engaging with the federal government to secure research and development funding for our company. These initiatives are propelling us closer to realizing our mission of revolutionizing accessibility through innovative VR solutions.

Our journey

through the years


Melx World was created to build virtual reality retail experiences.


Our CEO, while working as a ​floor nurse began to see a ​deep need for patients with ​mo​bility challenges.


We began the journey with exploring mixed reality technology’s effect on the activites of daily living for mobility challenged individuals.


We look to join forces with you to build a better world for all.

Why should you ​care?

61 Million

Americans are disabled

24 Million

disabled americans suffer from loneliness and social isolation


of cargivers are stressed ​from performing everyday ​task


disabled americans suffer ​from mental distress

How can we partner?

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Pilot & Partnerships

Pilot: We are actively looking for individuals, as well as other communities, to join a pilot program to test our technology.

Partnership: If you are a company whose mission is provide more accessible services, we welcome the opportunity to discuss the options and integrate you into our R&D.

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